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For the first time in Lithuania the life and nature of the people of the Utena District have been presented in one book. It seeks to cover the period from the oldest times till the present day. You will get acquainted with the rivers, lakes, forests and fauna. burial mounds, and sacred places will remind you of the past. The author has described extinct villages, farmsteads, estates, towns, and churches. the reader can get information about the struggle for the country's independence, about law and order in Lithuania, agriculture, industry, transport, communications, health care, as well as the history of former and present- day schools and other tings. 
Cultural life is represented by the theatres, ethnographical companies, choirs and other professional and amateur art groups. The district is famous for its cultural monuments and people. one of such people is Bernard Lown, a Nobel prize winner, who was born and grew up here. 

Utena County

Utena District

Utena Town


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