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Utena County is in the North – east of Lithuania. The region, bordering on Latvia and Belarus, offers proximity to Eastern markets. It is crossed by transit routes to the Republics of Belarus, Latvia and the Russian Federation. The area of the County is  7,200 km2  and consists of the Anykščiai, Ignalina, Molėtai and Zarasai districts and Municipality of the town Visaginas. This territory is home to 205,000 inhabitants, who are 75.6% Lithuanian, 14.7% Russian, 4.6% Polish and 2.3% Byelorussian. The territory is at the Baltija Hill ridge of the Aukštaičiai Uplands and Plateau, and at the Šventoji River basin. Scenic for its uplands and hills, thick forests, and picturesque lakes, this county has the highest number of lakes covering the greatest area of the territory than any other Lithuanian county. Forests in this region comprise 30.4 % of the total area. Ethnographically, the entire county is part of Eastern Aukštaitija. It is the second in significance (after the seacoast) tourism region of Lithuania. The region is famous for its recreational zones, and it also has well-developed industry. The region’s industry includes the productions of foodstuffs, beverages and clothing, and processing of quartz and wood. Among the most capable enterprises are the joint stock companies “Utenos trikotažas” (knitwear), “Utenos alus” (beverages), “Anykščių vynas” (wines). The exceptional feature of this region’s economy and energy sector is the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant. The brand new subject of Lithuania economy has been established in this region. It is the Utena Industry Park. The Park already hosts a number of large and successful companies and in the future it will have positive influence to the economical development in the region, to new projects of production.

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